Multilateral Cooperations

TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences)

TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences) is an international, non-governmental scientific professional body based in Trieste, Italy. It is functioning from 1985 onwards for the advancement of science in developing countries. TWAS works to support sustainable prosperity through research, education, policy and diplomacy. India is a founding member. TWAS has 1000 Fellows from 80 countries. It promotes south-south cooperation for capacity building, excellence and recognition of talent toward advancement of sciences in developing countries.

The Department of Science & Technology (DST) on behalf of India contributed to TWAS Endowment Fund totalling US $ 1 M (currently TWAS Endowment Fund totals to US $ 17 M contributed by 20 developing countries). India is amongst the top three contributors to TWAS Endowment Fund. India has served as the President of TWAS during 2000-2007 and hosts one of the 5 TWAS Regional Offices for South & Central Asia at Bengaluru.
DST and TWAS signed Program of Cooperation (PoC) for S&T cooperation with budgetary allocation of US $ 1 M for 5 years which focuses on nurturing Next Generation Scientists & Technologists and Science Diplomacy. DST's Pan Africa Doctoral Fellowship (100 over 5 years) at Indian Universities is to be facilitated under DST-TWAS PoC.

Countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, lajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan