India Science, Technology and Innovation (ISTI) Portal

ISTI Portal is a centralised repository of the content generated related to science, technology and innovation within the Indian STI ecosystem with a significant thrust on reaching out to students, scientists, researchers, youth and the general public to help them choose fellowships, scholarships, funding, and startup opportunities in India.

The Portal is a user-friendly destination with repositories of ongoing and recently completed research projects, developed technologies, recognised innovations, funding opportunities, fellowships & scholarships, organisations, academia-industry partnerships, etc. The Portal also provides information about the programmes and schemes the government of India offers to boost scientific activities and the ways in which India's government is fostering innovations. It projects India's STI policies, regulations, & vision through various documents developed by the government's numerous science ministries and departments, like S&T Roadmaps, STI policy documents, S&T indicators and S&T investments. It also has information on people carrying out the research, agencies involved in funding, international collaborations, organisations working in STI space, and so on. 

ISTI Portal focuses on bringing all stakeholders and Indian STI activities on a single online platform; helping efficient utilisation of resources; highlighting the functioning of scientific organisations, laboratories and institutions; aggregating information on science funding, fellowships & award opportunities spanning from school to faculty level; pooling together conferences and science events; and projecting science in India with its major achievements.

In addition, ISTI Portal provides insights and analytics of the information related to research, technologies, innovations, funding, etc. These analytics help funding agencies make informed decisions, formulate new schemes and programmes, and make decisions related to project funding. At the same time, researchers can study trends in research funding. 

The Portal also acts as a platform that brings together scientists and researchers to pool knowledge, expertise, wisdom and skillsets required for their research, translation of research into products, technology transfer and escalation. It reaches out to a wide range of audiences through science and technology communication and engagement, garnering their support for the celebration of science.