Multilateral Cooperations

BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)

BRICS cooperation is aimed at complementing and strengthening existing bilateral and multilateral relations among member countries. At the previously held Summits BRICS Leaders agreed to establish a strategic framework to address the common global as well as regional socio-economic challenges, utilizing experiences and complementarities in STI and co-generate new knowledge and innovative products, services and processes.

The MOU on STI Cooperation adopted in 2015 is guiding overall cooperation covering sustainable agriculture, food security, natural disasters, water resources and pollution treatment, new and renewable energy, energy efficiency, space research, geospatial technology, medicine and life sciences, new materials and nanomaterials, photonics, information and communication technology, ocean and polar sciences, etc.

The BRICS STI Framework Programme aims to support excellent research on priority areas which can best be addressed by a multinational approach. The BRICS Young Scientist Forum Secretariat was established in India and is coordinated by DST, Govt of India. It is becoming an effective platform to network young creative talent. The BRICS Young Scientists Conclave provides these young researchers unique opportunities to discuss pressing problems of the society such as affordable energy solutions, affordable health etc. and their solutions through scientific exploration and technological innovations.

Countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa