Multilateral Cooperations

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was established in 1967 and in 1996, ASEAN-India Science & Technology (S&T) Collaboration formally started with the establishment of ASEAN India S&T working group (AIWGST). Initially, the collaborative S&T projects and activities between India and ASEAN were supported through ASEAN India Fund (AIF) but in 2008, a dedicated ASEAN India S&T Development Fund (AISTDF) with an equivalent amount of US $ 1 million was established jointly by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India to support Research & Development projects and associated project development activities. 

The major scientific activities/ program supported under AISTDF include ASEAN-India Collaborative R&D through Projects, ASEAN-India Research & Training Fellowship for ASEAN Professionals, Participation of ASEAN School Children in National Children Science Congress, ASEAN-India Innovation Platform, Partnership Development Activities namely workshops, seminars, training programs, technology exhibitions/Fairs etc., S&T Information dissemination and services, ASEAN-India S&T Digital Library etc.

The projects and scientific activities supported and implemented under ASEAN India S&T program include those on Extent of Transfer of Alien Invasive Organisms (Nuisance) in South/South East Asia Region by Shipping, Analysis of Chemicals and Biological Contaminants in Raw and Processed Products for ASEAN Countries, Technology Mission on Functional Food, Renewable Energy, Marine Biotechnology, Quality System in Manufacturing etc. 

Countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao People's Republic, Brunei Darussalam