Efforts made by DRDO in nation’s fight against COVID-19

DRDO develops evaporating fogger for sanitization to fight against COVID-19

An evaporator-type fogging device has been developed by Defense Institute of Physiology & Allied Science (DIPAS) for sanitization of work spaces and associated accessories. The fogger can be used with any type of chemical suitable for particular disinfection purpose. The systems consist of a small chemical reservoir (CR), suction mechanism, evaporation mechanism and a blower. The size of the reservoir is optimized to avoid wastage of chemical. The main stock of the disinfection fluid remains in a separate chemical chamber (CC) which is air tight and does not allow reaction with air. From this chamber the fluid goes to the reservoir below the evaporator from where the suction mechanism picks it for evaporation. Electronic sensor and solenoid valve maintain the required level in the reservoir. As soon as the system stops, the supply is automatically cut off. The timer starts and stops the blower according to the pre-set values displayed on a digital timer provided on the front side. The complete system and chemical chamber are made up of stainless steel to avoid any corrosion. The capacity of chemical reservoir is 500 ml. A separate air-tight chemical chamber for additional disinfection fluid has been provided that has 4-liters capacity. The system can be easily handled/transported. With this machine an enclosure of about 1000 cubic ft would require fogging time of around 8 minutes with dwelling time of 60 minutes. The fogging time can be calculated depending upon the size of the room, and the dwelling time will remain same. The operation can be easily handled as per SOP


Germiklean - Dry Heat Sanitization System developed by DRDO to combat Coronavirus

In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, prevention through sanitization is most effective way to remain safe. Keeping this in mind, a dry heat sanitization system named Germiklean has been developed to sanitize uniforms, canes, polycarbonate shields, files, papers, metals, ceramic items etc. Germiklean is a dry heat-based system which uses hot air at 70°C for 10-minute cycle to sanitize items placed inside. The systems consist of a mild steel powdercoated box having a working chamber made up of stainless steel (Grade 304) and a heating chamber. The heating chamber consists of a heating element, timer, sensor cum controller and a blower to maintain the required temperature inside the working chamber for the sanitization of items. Forced convection system is used for proper mixing of heat and it maintains uniform temperature inside the working chamber. Measures have been taken to ensure zero heat loss e.g. insulating material is filled in the gap between the inner chamber and outer body, doublewalled door filled with glass wool, and synthetic gasket fitment on the door. The system has modular design and the dimensions can be changed depending upon the requirement. The Germiklean in picture depicts Poly urethane-insulated MS chamber with 304 grade and Stainless Steel internal chamber of dimensions (W x D x H) 1875 mm x 850 mm x 1600 mm. It has got air handling unit (AHU) with heating system for maximum temperature of 100°C and working temperature of 70°C. It has provision of 24 hangers in 3 fixtures inside the chamber with in-built door lights.