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Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Center (VASCSC)

The core philosophy of Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre is to take students, from both school and College, out of the rigid framework of textbooks and encourage them to think, explore and create. The Centre has combined formal and non-formal techniques to formulate numerous innovative methods to give students a better understanding of Science and Mathematics which makes the process of learning enjoyable and sustainable.

The Centre is dedicated to promote among students, teachers and lay public an understanding of the fundamental concepts involved in the various science disciplines; the acquisition of scientific knowledge and insights by the process of inquiry through experiment, audio-visual media and other means; to stimulate interest, encourage and expose the principles of science and the scientific method to various target audiences; to empower the role of education and ways of improving education in relation to the individual and the community as a whole; and to make clear the social implication of S&T.

City: Ahmedabad

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State: Gujarat