Social Infrastructure


Science-Society-Setu for Aatmanirbhar Bharat (S34ANB), a Web Clinic Series, is an initiative of Science for Equity Empowerment and Development (SEED) Division of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, to catalyse cross-bridge collaboration between Knowledge Organisations, and NGOs & Communities to address Sustainable Development at the local level through STI. The initiative is targeted to strengthen the ‘Social Infrastructure’ and ‘Technology Driven System’ pillars of the AatmaNirbharBharat.

The Web Clinic Series initiative is aimed at harnessing Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) in search of social, economic and environmentally viable technological interventions. The coupling of the disruptive technologies with societal benefits is directed to build up connectivity and communication infrastructure for preparedness towards socio-economic regrowth to benefit the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

These deliberations, in general, would be looking for opportunities in locally productive and globally connected models, S&T interventions and viable solutions for linkages for setting up the business, need-based scaling-up of technologies, and so on. Precisely forsocial infrastructure sector (healthcare systems, education systems, internet connectivity, energy, transport, etc.) deliberations are intendedto look for Viability Gap Funding (VGF) for social infrastructure projects, Technology driven systems for Education, Equity and Public Healthcare, upgradation of Grass-root innovations, Industrial Information system and infrastructure for connectivity, Interventions on mental health of people (especially the elderly) and for most vulnerable sections of society – SC, ST, Women, Disabled, Children etc. and the new opportunities related to livelihoods, the supply chain management, stress on available resources, medium to long term effects of COVID-19, diversification of livelihood activities, distress and threat to livelihoods due to reverse migration. It will also facilitate to explore possible pathways for nurturing STI-driven social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the rural landscape.

During each session, the expert panel would provide a feasibility report, on creating possible forward linkages between NGOs and knowledge institutions, and guidelines to way-forward. The resulting ideas and recommendations are proposed to be supported through SEED Division through its ongoing schemes and programmes or in collaboration with other relevant divisions. Emanated ideas may also be considered for future support in project mode.

The virtual interaction will be a two-days long meeting per week (3-4 Hours per day), for consecutive 2 Weeks for social infrastructure sectors starting from 19th November 2020 followed by 20th November and again on 26th November ending on 27th November, 2020. The discussion will begin with an introduction and brief presentations on the background/context of the web clinic. This will be followed by the technical presentation and discussion sessions in proposed two streams with experts from knowledge organisations, voluntary organisations and community representatives. The speakers would highlight societal relevance/business opportunity for the locals and expected requirement from the people (emerging technologies, skill-set, capacity building, investment, resources, and so on), to build up the social infrastructure that shall be readily available in STI based livelihood ecosystem.

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