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Focal Theme: STI for Society (Agriculture Production and Innovation)

Web Clinic Series 15.10.2020

Yogesh Kulkarni

Like KVK, can you setup weather station at NGO premises?

Kailash Pandey

Dr K K Singh Ji how can my organization can have collaboration with you. My e mail is

Dr Uma Malik, SEED, DST

Does the existing technology/research of IMD integrate farmers indigenous knowledge into development/dissemination of weather forecasting knowledge to the farmers?

Dr Uma Malik, SEED, DST

Mr. Paul, great effort for the farmers. Congratulations. I am curious if there are any space limitations for the technology?

Dr Uma Malik, SEED, DST

What is the cost of Automated Packing Line for Spherical Horticultural Produce and what is the level of its reach in the society as of now?