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Centre of Excellence for Innovations (CEI), Madurai

The Government of Tamil Nadu has established the Centre of Excellence for Innovations at the Agricultural College and Research Institute. Growing mobility, intensifying global competition for students and talent, changing demands and new methods of education are some of the factors that are forcing new innovations through cutting edge research in the field of agriculture. 
Agricultural College and Research Institute (AC&RI), Madurai is improving research facilities and considers the expertise of scientists vey vital for institution. Thus, combining excellence in teaching and research by establishing the centre for doing focused research in crops and crop production technologies suitable for southern districts of Tamil Nadu formed the theme of the centre. Centre strives to establishment large scale research facilities to use the tools of science with large investments in state of the art equipment and associated infrastructure. The centre will further boost services such as: 1) Providing access to research expertise and equipment, 2) Building regional clusters of technological excellence, 3) Advancing research and adding value to technology, 4) Facilitating partnerships & collaborations, 5) Training and mentoring entrepreneurs and 6) Establishing incubating startups

Research Areas: Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Output & Achievements: 1. Centre is making significant research effort to develop small millets with high iron and zinc and synthesis of value added products 2. Develop crop varieties of major agricultural and horticultural crops with resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, 3. Develop nutritive value added products to safeguard the human health 4. Develop suitable IPDM practices and new bio-control agents for the control of important pests and diseases, 5. Develop soil quality assessment and management practices, integrated nutrient management practice, bio-inoculants and suitable crop management technologies 6. Centre also links education, research, and entrepreneurship through innovations

Contact Name: Dr. J. Ramalingam, Professor & Head

Contact Address: Centre of Excellence for Innovations (CEI), Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625104

Contact Phone: 0452 2423161


State: Tamil Nadu