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ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

ESSO-INCOIS was established as an autonomous body in 1999 under the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) and is a unit of the Earth System Science Organization (ESSO). ESSO-INCOIS is mandated to provide the best possible ocean information and advisory services to society, industry, government agencies and the scientific community through sustained ocean observations and constant improvements through systematic and focussed research. INCOIS, being the central repository for marine data in the country, receives large oceanographic data in real time, from a variety of in-situ and remote sensing observing systems. The Ocean Information Bank provides information on physical, chemical, biological and geological parameters of ocean and coasts on spatial and temporal domains that are vital for both research and operational oceanography. INCOIS has been designated as the National Oceanographic Data Centre by the International Oceanographic Data Exchange Programme (IODE) of International Oceanographic Commission (IOC). Further, INCOIS serves as the National Argo Data Centre, Regional Argo Data Centre, and also the regional data centre and clearing house for the Indian Ocean region for the IOGOOS Programme. ESSO-INCOIS has a prominent international presence, being a permanent member of the Indian delegation to IOC of UNESCO and a founding member of the Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System (IOGOOS) and the Partnership for Observing the Oceans (POGO) which is actively engaged in capacity building and international exchange of students and researchers. ESSO-INCOIS houses the IOGOOS secretariat and the Sustained Indian Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (SIBER) International Programme Office.

Research Areas: Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Ministries: Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES)

Contact Address: Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar, Director


Fax: 91-40-23886000

State: Telangana

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