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National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH), Ahmedabad

National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) is a premier public health institute, established in 1966 and names as "National Institute of Occupational Health" (NIOH) in 1970. Since then NIOH has been working continuously through its main as well as two of its regional centres – Bangalore & Kolkata towards prevention & control of occupation related disorders among workers of the country. The primary responsibility of institute is to support the national policy makers for adopting an appropriate policy in the field of occupational health, based on felt needs of our country. Work is done through multi-disciplinary research, capacity building and technological development. Considering quantum of burden of occupational diseases (>90% of the workers work in the unorganized sectors), the priority has been given to dust related respiratory morbidities such as silicosis, anthracosis, byssinosis etc. Other diseases of concern are heavy metal poisoning, musculosketal disorders, pesticide poisoning etc. in various occupational groups. NIOH has started working on prevention & control of silicosis and other dust related lung diseases. Centre is involved in development of indigenous diagnostic kits for detection occupation related disorders such as silicosis. Centre is also involved in generating extensive awareness among workers/management staff and educates them about use of suitable technology such as mobile phone. NIOH is also involved in development of a transdermal patch that would detect sweat lead level among workers vulnerable to lead toxicity and would bring more technological developments through collaboration & cooperation with industries, academia & other bio-medical research organizations.

Research Areas: Medical Sciences

Ministries: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Govt of India

Contact Name: Dr. Kamalesh Sarkar,Director & Scientist-G

Contact Address: National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH), Meghani Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380016

Contact Phone: 91-79-22688700, 22686351, 22686430, 22686330, 22686340


Fax: 91-79-22686110

State: Gujarat

Output & Achievements

  • 1. Major Research Projects: 1. who collaborative activities, 2. Monitoring of pesticides residues at national level-Centre sector scheme, Ministry of Agriculture, 3. Biomarker for early detection of silicosis using CC16, 4. Multicentric study to assess exposure & health effect of pesticide (ICMR), 5. Urban air quality assessment using remote sensing and GIS (ISRO-NIOH-NEERI), AND 6. National Environmental Health profile-Out of 20 cities, Ahmedabad-Banagalore-Kolkata in collaborations with SPCB’s (MoEF&CC). 2. Scientific Reports: (i). Environment, health and safety issues in coal fired thermal power plants and (ii). Procedure of implementation of recommendation of expert committee on occupation safety and health of workers of thermal power plants. 3. Publications in total in each year: a. 18 (2017), b.27 (2016), c. 20 (2015), d. 30 (2014), e. 31 (2013), and 23 (2012). 4. Centre has conducted i. ‘3rd National training on advanced instrumentation in ergonomics for occupational health research, 03-05 October, 2018, ii. Workshop on research methods for biological sciences students, 05-07 September, 2018, and iii. Hands on training on lymphocyte separation for bio-analytical applications, 29 - 31 May, 2019 at Regional Occupational Health Centre (Eastern), Kolkata. 5. Past Training Program: i. Three days training on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for Heavy Metal Analysis from February 06 to 08, 2019 at Regional Occupational Health Centre (Eastern), Kolkata, ii. Orientation Programme on "Research ethics for biomedical researchers, 21 jan 2019 at regional occupational health centre (Eastern), Kolkata, and iii. 3-days Training course on occupational health & safety for medical professional, 17-19 December 2018 at Regional Occupational Health Centre (Eastern), Kolkata. 6. Cotton ginning –grading of byssinosis, higher cytokine levels in workers havinf symptoms and abnormal PFT. 7. Study Lead Acid Storage Battery Plant-Engineering & administrative controls were shown to be effective for reduction of Pb toxicity. 8. Re-designated as WHO-CC in the field of occupational health (IND 52). 9. Developed personal cooling garment and its efficacy evaluation in iron foundry & construction workers. 10. ROHC(E), Kolkata produced a redesigned model of cycle rickshaw (Patent no. 247859, Date 03/06/2011). 11. ROHC(E) Kolkata reported for the first time occurrence of Byssiosis like 12. Study indoor air pollution from biomass combustion and health hazards among people residing in slum area of Ahmedabad. 13. Study iron and ceramic industries. 14. The institute conducted controlled experimental study to find out effect of smoke/nicotine, arsenic and mercury on the offspring development and neurobehavioural changes, in utero treated mice. 15. Conducted study on Biomarkers for early detection of detection of silicosis –Clara cell protein 16 (CC16) appears to be promising biomarker. 16. Re-designed as WHO-CC in the field of occupational health (IND 52)

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