Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is an apex research organisation of the country with a high standing amongst international agricultural research institutions spearheading, guiding and managing agricultural research, education and extension activities for productivity enhancement and diversification of Indian agriculture.

ICAR is determined to harness scientific advances for society’s welfare and is committed to transforming itself into an organisation engaged thoroughly with the farmers, industry, entrepreneurs, and consumers through its more than 100 attached organisations. The world as a whole is undergoing several transformative changes. Growing population, changing lifestyles, expanding urbanisation and accelerated climate changes create new challenges for the national agricultural research system. Whereas in the past, the challenge was to supply adequate food, now it is to provide adequate nutrients to promote health; and in the future, the challenge would be to provide optimal nutrients based on an individual’s genetic profile. Fortunately, along with challenges, the developments in science are creating new avenues for tackling the challenges.

ICAR’s primarily mandate focuses on the thematic areas of Crop Science, Horticultural Science, Natural Resource Management, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Science, Fisheries Science, Agricultural Education and Agricultural Extension. ICAR Vision 2050 provides the strategic framework for innovation-led inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth in the country.