India in Global Science

Bilateral Cooperations

India’s collaborations with different countries is putting together expertise and boosting scientific excellence beyond borders. Bilateral cooperation helps find solutions to global issues. Cooperative actions by states promote good will, strengthen political relationships, help foster democracy and civil society, and advance the frontiers of knowledge for the benefit of common mankind. Collaborative agreements have significant indirect benefits like encouraging sustainable developmental goals and promoting science education for youth.

Multilateral Cooperations

In order to leverage the collective cooperative action by states to address common challenges collaboratively, India fosters numerous regional and multilateral engagements and partnerships in the fields of Science and Technology. These engagements are done through cooperation frameworks at inter-governmental level with a view to make positive contributions for gainful consequences and spin offs. Multilateral cooperation boosts India's image abroad and creates favourable conditions for strengthening cooperation with other countries and international networks.

India's International Fellows

The government of India has taken several initiatives towards the international exposure of scientists working in India in addition to providing incentives to bring back eminent scientists to the country through implementation of several International Fellowship Programs. These efforts have helped develop a pool of talents who are helping in the furtherance of excellence in science in the country. Welcome to the pool of scholars honoured with these International Fellowships and their details.