Agricultural Sciences


Wireless embedded systems for monitoring the enviroment of ware house and green house


Agricultural Sciences

Focus Area:

Food quality analysis

Developing Agency:

Velammal Engineering College (VEC), Chennai

Technology Readiness Index:

Prototype Developed

Brief Description

Description :

The wireless sensor node development phase started with the selection of micro-controller and wireless radio for low cost and satisfying all the technical requirements. Here cc2530 SOC is selected for its ultralow power consumption as well as to minimize the cost of an external radio chip. Since the wireless sensor node is battery powered, in order to reduce the overall power consumption of the sensor node ultra-low power COZIR sensor is chosen for sensing the CO2, temperature and relative humidity. The PCB layout design of the 2.4ghz RF board is prepared using orcad cad tool with the consideration of EMI and it is fabricated as a two layer PCB design.

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