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Herbal Hair Colour


Traditional Knowledge, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Focus Area:

Formulation of Hair Color

Social Benefits:

It is a novel approach to substitute synthetic dye for hair coloring, The dye is safe eco-friendly, composition containing herbs, natural binders and minerals, Range of colors - black, light brown and dark brown, The dye is non-staining to skin, non-irritant, non-dripping, non-allergenic, Enhances texture and luster of hair.

Developing Agency:

CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), Uttar Pradesh

Technology Readiness Index:

Market Launch

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Brief Description

Description :

It is hydrophilic in nature and safe to use with no side effects on skin. For application on hair, composition is mixed with hot water to make paste of thick consistency which can be applied on hair from roots for approximately two hours and washed with normal water. Maximum colour develops after 18-24 hours of washing.

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