Astronomy & Space Sciences, Medical Sciences


Flame Retardant (FR) Anti G Suit


Astronomy & Space Sciences, Medical Sciences

Focus Area:

Pilots safety suits

Company Transferred:

M/s. Bengal Waterproof Ltd., West Bengal; M/s. Superior Fabrics, New Delhi

Developing Agency:

Defence Bioengineering and Electromedical Laboratory (DEBEL), Bangalore

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Brief Description

Description :

Anti G Suit is an inflatable garment designed to enhance the +Gz tolerance of pilots of fighter aircraft. Any change in the direction of flight produces acceleration or 'G' forces, which when positive in ‘Z’ direction make a pilot heavier. The Anti G Suit automatically applies counter pressure to the abdomen, thighs and legs of the pilot in proportion to the forces experienced during flying. The counter pressure prevents excessive pooling of the blood in the above areas and thereby enhances the pilot’s threshold levels by 1 to 1.5 G. Combination of high performance materials for outer garment and bladder ensure high levels of thermal protection on exposure to high intensity heat. The item has been developed for various aircraft that includes MiG, Mirage 2000 and LCA. The Anti G Suit is available in 05 sizes.

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