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Anti-Corrosive Chemical for Steel Sheet, Rebar and Wire


Chemical Sciences, Material Sciences

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Chemical technology

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CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur

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Technology Development

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Description :

An anti-corrosive chemical has been developed for the corrosion prevention of steel sheet, rebar and wire. The developed chemical has the following silent features: Synthesis protocol consists of mixing of chemicals. Improves anti-corrosion properties of metals; > 200 h salt spray can be applied on a surface by dip coating followed by drying at room temperature for 1 h or by curing at 150°C for 5 min Cured cdoated products at 250°C gives golden and brown colours with 5 mins curing time, resply. Cured products give good lusture. Coating forms a good adhesion on a surface. Can also be applied on a surface using brush and spray.

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