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National Mission for Accelerating Growth of New India's Innovations (AGNII)


Launched by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, AGNIi aims to support the national efforts to boost the innovation ecosystem in the country by connecting innovators across industry, individuals and the grassroots to the market and help commercialize innovative solutions. AGNIi will provide a platform for innovators to bring their technology ready products and solutions to industry and the market, thereby helping propel techno-entrepreneurship which can usher a new era of inclusive socio-economic growth.

The mission includes services across the techno-commercialisation chain required to support and upscale market-ready indigenous innovations. The initiative includes working with government R&D laboratories and academia to help commercialize their innovations; collaborate and value add to existing innovation programs; training and capacity building of scientists, innovators, technology transfer offices and technology license offices. Linking specific needs of industry to research laboratories to enable development of cost-effective marketable solutions is another focus of the AGNIi program.

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