Physical Sciences

Title :

Realization and Dissemination of Boltzmann constant based new kelvin (K)

Area of research :

Physical Sciences

Focus area :

Electronics and Instrumentation

Principal Investigator :

Dr D. D. Shivagan, Scientist, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL), New Delhi

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Executive Summary :

Objective: I. To develop the Acoustic Gas Thermometry set-up as the Boltzmann constant (kB) based primary standard of Thermodynamic Temperature with in-house R&D efforts. II. To optimize the fabrication of diamond turned quasi-spherical resonator, acoustic-microwave measurements, temperature monitoring, gas purity and pressure measurements to determine the Boltzmann Constant with the uncertainty better than 1 ppm. III. To measure the thermodynamic temperature in the range from -38 oC to 30 oC ( TP of Hg to MP of Ga) by relative Acoustic Gas Thermometry (AGT) using high pure argon gas. IV. To actively participate and provide the know-how in the BIPM/CIPM/SI mission of Boltzmann Constant, Thermodynamic temperature measurements (T) and T-T90 estimates to formulate the new international temperature scale of ITS-202X. V. To serve the Indian R&D Establishments and Industry by providing the indigenously traceable primary thermometry when new kelvin is implemented from May 2019.

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