Computer Sciences and Information Technology

Title :

Integration of GNSS and Broadband data for high resolution velocity structure and crustal deformation in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh Himalaya

Area of research :

Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences, Physical Sciences

Focus area :

Observation network of seismic monitor

Principal Investigator :

Dr Sridevi Jade, Chief Scientist, CSIR-Fourth Paradigm Institute(CSIR-4PI), Bengaluru

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Executive Summary :

Objective: Observation network of seismic monitors with near real time data streaming using Internet of Things (IoT) suitable for the study region. Leads recommended by SMC for the XII FYP project ARiEES is to install additional seismic monitors in the study region and to use big data analytics for data mining. Precise crustal velocities and displacements and crustal structure models in study region, using the existing observation network and data intensive research. Earthquake hazard and risk assessment for the study region for different frequency/periods and different time scales in terms of ground motion.

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