Astronomy & Space Sciences

Title :

Enhanced Flight Vision System for Civil Aircraft Simulator

Area of research :

Astronomy & Space Sciences, Physical Sciences

Focus area :

Civil Aircraft Simulator

Principal Investigator :

Sudesh Kumar, Scientist, CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), Bangalore

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Executive Summary :

Objective: Main objective of the current proposal is to upgrade i) existing EFVS of flight simulator with CSIO HUD computer ii)and demonstrate the technology showcaseits benefiits under DVE conditions. This involves development of HUD computer and applications software a) to receve images from MISSS register and fuse. b) to develop HUD symbology and drive them using navigation data from 6 DOF aircraft model, c) as ICD format convension of symbology and fused image signals compatible with HUD and D)transmit the signals to HUD to Display symbology overlay on fused imagery on combiner glass.

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