Astronomy & Space Sciences

Title :

Development of Cold Plasma Technologies

Area of research :

Astronomy & Space Sciences, Physical Sciences

Focus area :

Electronics and Instrumentation

Principal Investigator :

Dr Udit Narayan, Scientist, CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CEERI), Pilani

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Executive Summary :

Objective: Design and modelling studies of cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet and large volume plasma using dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) techniques. ? Design and modeling studies of cold atmospheric pressure plasma jets (APPJ) and large volume cold plasma (LVCP) sources excited by microwave induced discharge. Understanding of basic operational principles, deep plasma physics, plasma kinematics, and investigation for the effect of operating, geometrical, electrical and material parameters on the performance of the APPJ and LVCP sources. Design and development of suitable power supply for APPJ and LVCP Sources. ? Fabrication and characterization of cold plasma devices and technologies (APPJ and LVCP Sources). Development of Lab Level Prototype of cold plasma jet and large volume cold plasma source suitable for food and biomedical applications.

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