Chemical Sciences

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Development of process for production of 4-methoxy acetophenone in a continuous single-step process

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Chemical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Agrochemicals & Pharmaceuticals

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Dr Pravin R. Likhar, Scientist, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT), Hyderabad

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Objective: To develop a continuous mode process for 4-MAP at 1kg/day level using fixed bed reactor; To develop the process for preparation of catalyst at 200-gram scale; Establish contact with industrial partner for demonstration of the process a TRL 5 for subsequent transfer of technology

Summary: Project Summary (600 characters with space): Acylation of arenes with acetic anhydride to aryl ketones are industrially produced by acylation of aromatic or by fries rearrangement. These ketones are important intermediates in the synthesis of fragrance of the musk-type and pharmaceuticals such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and S-naproxen. The process often carried out in liquid phase by using batch reactor with corrosive metal chlorides, ALCL3 and acid chlorides. A characteristic of this process is the formation of stable 1:1 molar adduct with catalyst which generate serious environmental problem: use of more than a stoichiometric amount of catalyst, necessary hydrolysis of large amount of HCL (more than 4 mole per mole of product produced) with corrosion problem and final production of valueless salts. All that substitution of ALCL3 by new heterogeneous catalyst and continuous mode process. The proposed project deals with new heterogeneous catalyst process for production of 4-Methoxy acetophenone (4-MAP) from anisole and acetic anhydride in a continuous liquid phase reaction. The catalyst process is much more efficient and can be used effectively in place of currently preparation of with high selectivity. It is proposed to demonstrate the scalable process technology for 4-MAP at 1kg/day. The catalyst preparation will be carried out at 200 g scale.

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