Programmes & Schemes

Commissioning of Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radars (DWRs)

The objective of this scheme is Improve upon the spatial and temporal density of Radar observational network, particularly over the regions with large data gaps in the country; Better investigation, monitoring and tracking of Tropical Cyclones during pre-monsoon and post monsoon seasons in the subcontinent; Better investigation, monitoring and tracking of Monsoon Depressions and Lows across the subcontinent; Improvement in the current understanding of the physical processes associated with Tropical Cyclones and Monsoon Systems, including better understanding of convective activity/systems per-se.

Programme Type: Research and Development

Ministry / Department: Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES)

Focus Area: Earth Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Funding Agency: Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Govt. of India

Purpose: Infrastructure, Research

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