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Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI)

The Cognitive Science Research Initiative facilitates a platform to scientific community to work for better solution of challenges related with cognitive disorders and social issues. The Individual R&D Projects: Grant is available for R&D projects in any thrust areas identified. Support will be provided for Equipments, Manpower and other research grant. Multi-centric Mega Projects: Multi-centric projects are encouraged to provide better solution of issues related with social relevance, better understanding of neurodegenerative diseases and their therapeutics. Post Doctoral Fellowship:Two years 'Post Doctoral Fellowship' Programme is aimed to develop human resource in Cognitive Sciences. Support for Schools, Training, Workshops, Conferences etc: The CSRI programme extends partial support for organizing conference/seminar/symposia/training programmes/ workshops/ schools on a selective basis.

Programme Type: Research and Development

Ministry / Department: Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt of India

Focus Area: Cognitive Science

Target Audience: Young Scientists, School, Academies, Researchers

Funding Agency: Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India

Eligibility: Scientists/academicians with research background in Cognitive Science and having regular position. For post doctoral Fellows The Scheme provides Opportunities to Young Scientists (below 40 years) for pursuing innovative research in frontier areas of Cognitive Science.

Purpose: Research

Funding Cycle: Annually

Duration: 3 Years;

Application Method: Online

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