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Centre for Research on Environment and Sustainable Technologies (CREST), Bhopal

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, established Center for Research on Environment and Sustainable Technologies (CREST) at IISER Bhopal as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) with major objective of building a structure that eventually helps in understanding the interactions between air, water, and earth mega systems on several scales ranging from local to global. The CoE has a mission to carry on multidisciplinary research and training in clean environment (air, water, and land), and sustainable development as thrust areas. The chief motivation for the establishment of CREST was to work on thematic areas including climate change studies, air quality management, atmospheric dynamics, monitoring and management of earth resources through satellite imagery, synthesizing environmentally benign analytical tools/molecular receptors for characterization of environmental pollutants, and applying bioremediation and other techniques of waste management and sustainable development. The research and teaching activities of CREST will encompass both theoretical and experimental approaches

Research Areas: Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Output & Achievements: 1. CREST performs ambient air quality management (AQM) and aerosol-induced climate effects 2. Centre builts sustainable environments, and develop indoor air quality monitoring system 3. Monitoring and conserving earth resources through satellite imagery and field studies, and in active mining areas where improper discharge of mine waste (acid-mine) contaminates the ground water using high resolution satellite imagery 4. Design and development of receptors that selectively recognize specific anions like phosphate, sulphate, fluoride, etc, 5. Isotope analysis for understanding the chemodynamics of various species between the air, water and soil systems 6. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images are used widely to monitor the quality and distribution of vegetation 7. Land use management around water reservoirs to increase reservoir’s sustainability 8. Use of multiple-collector plasma-source mass spectrometry high precision measurements of isotopic variability of elements such as Fe, Zn, Cu, Si, Mg etc. 9. Studying Aerosol dynamics, Receptor models for air quality management, Metagenomics for bioremediation and assessment of water quality

Contact Name: Dr. Ramya Sunder Raman, Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Contact Address: Coordinator, Center For Research on Environment and Sustainable Technologies (CREST), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462066

Contact Phone: 91 755 269 1371

Fax: 91 755 269 2392


State: Madhya Pradesh