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National Institute of Traditional Medicine (NITM), Belagavi

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Govt. of India has established National Institute of Traditional Medicine (NITM), Belagavi, to carry out scientific evaluation of herbal medicines, both from codified and non-codified systems. The centre also conducts studies on diseases of regional importance and the utility of traditional medicines in treatment of these diseases. The Centre has taken up research on scientific validation of Herbal and Traditional Medicine, through studies in phytochemistry, efficacy, safety, mode of action and clinical evaluation of herb, its ingredients and traditional formulations, as the thrust area. NITM is also involved in studies on prevalence of various diseases at regional level, and lending active support to the State health authorities in investigation of outbreaks, laboratory confirmations, as well as providing infrastructural support and expertise in the relevant fields of interest. Furthermore, NITM serves as a nodal centre for execution of various task force projects and schemes of the ICMR and DHR.

Research Areas: Medical Sciences

Ministries: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Govt of India

Contact Name: Dr. Debprasad Chattopadhyay, Director & Scientist G

Contact Address: National Institute of Traditional Medicine (NITM), Nehru Nagar, National Highway No. 4, Belagavi, Karnataka 590010

Contact Phone: 0831-2475477


Fax: 0831-2475479

State: Karnataka

Output & Achievements

  • 1. All the scientists of the institute are recognized guides/co-guides for PhD and MD (Ayurveda) students of the KLE University and other National Universities. 2. Translation of traditional knowledge on medicinal plants into effective Healthcare: Final stage of validation of traditional remedy on Arthritis, Diabetes, and AYUSH formulation for Dengue have been done, established school of TM and integrated clinic for robust observational studies to generate evidence for validation of TM practices. 3. To conduct research on diseases of Local Health importance: a. Identified water and vector borne disease outbreak b. Identified DENV (1 & 3), Rickettsia conorii in South India. c. Monitoring AMRover space and time. d. Helping Govt & Medical Colleges in Diseases investigations. e. Identified Shewarnella algae, human parachiovirus, salivirus as etiological agents of childhood diarrhoea. f. Reported a unique mutant of cholera toxin producing Haitian stain of Vibrio cholerae from Southern India. 4. Capacity Building and Human Resource Development: a. PDF/Scientists: 05 b. Fullbright Fellow: 01 c. Ph D: 21 d. WHO Fellow: 01 e. MS/MD/M. Tech: 25 f. Certificate courses: 03 g. Interns: 40 h. Trained through workshops: 168 5. Total number of publications published including original book chapters: 193 6. Database of Ethanomedicinal Plants of Western Ghats (500 medicinal plants with 11000 vernacular names in 7 languages, more than 200 diseases). 7. Multiple collaborations.

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