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Longitude Prize

Longitude Prize, a challenge with a prize fund of £10 million, has been launched to help solve one the greatest issues of our time: the rise of antibiotic resistance. The prize has been developed and is being run by Nesta, the UK?s innovation foundation. The prize was announced by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 2013 and a public vote was launched on BBC in May 2014, and the antibiotics challenge emerged the winner. This Longitude Prize is likened to the original 1714 Longitude Prize that was famously won by watchmaker and carpenter John Harrison for creating the first truly accurate marine chronometer to navigate safely at sea. The antibiotics challenge will be open to anyone to solve. In order to tackle growing levels of antimicrobial resistance, the challenge set for the Longitude Prize is to invent an affordable, accurate, fast and easy-to-use point?of?care diagnostic test for bacterial infections that will allow health professionals worldwide to administer the right antibiotics at the right time, thereby revolutionising the delivery of global healthcare.

Target Group: Open to all

Funding Organization: Innovate UK

Area: Life Sciences & Biotechnology

International:(Country/ Brain Gain): International

Purpose: Awards

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