Agricultural Sciences

Title :

Development of Doubled haploids in Hot and Sweet peppers for creating and utilizing novel genetic variations

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Agricultural Sciences

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Agricultural Sciences, Vegetable Sciences, Plant Biology

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Dr. Manisha Mangal,Principal scientist,ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute

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Present project envisages the development of doubled haploid lines in selected hybrids of hot and sweet pepper through anther culture / microspore embryogenesis with the ultimate aim of creating new genetic recombination as well as to select useful variability which can be utilized for developing improved varieties in capsicum to meet the demands of farmers as well as consumers with respect to yield traits, productivity, quality as well as biotic and abiotic stress tolerance.


Dr. Arpita Srivastava, ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi, Dr. Anil Khar, ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi

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