Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences


Oneer- An Electronic Device for the Disinfection of Drinking Water


Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences

Focus Area:

Drinking Water Treatment

Social Benefits:

1. An innovative modular design enables purification and disinfection of water to meet all types of requirements. Provides safe drinking water that can be stored without recontamination upto 30 hours after treatment under ideal storage conditions. 2. After installation, the cost of treated water approx. 2 paisa per litre. The community model being modular in nature, pre-filters can be attached to suit the needs of a particular region to remove various contaminants viz. iron, fluoride, arsenic etc. 3. Inbuilt smart sensor system provides real time information of operational steps, self clean mode and automated tank filling to ensure 24 7 availability of safe drinking water. 4. Low-cost water disinfection device that can even treat brackish or turbid water. 5. High disinfection efficiency of 8 Log reduction. 6. The leaching of the toxic metals from the low-cost stainless steel electrodes has been contained to within WHO safe limits for drinking water through innovative design of electrodes and controlled treatment energy for specific period. 7. No exogenous chemicals added during decontamination process. 8. Maintenance-free and long-life water-disinfection device for safe water. 9. Domestic model can provide 10 L water per batch and community model can continuously supply ~400L/hr treated water (5000 L/day) for schools, hospitals, restaurants and other public places 10. Retains all the essential minerals in the water unlike other methods. 11. Can also be operated by solar energy. 12. Minimal wastage of water as it is a membrane free. "Safe water and save water technology".

Developing Agency:

CSIR- Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR), Uttar Pradesh

Technology Readiness Index:

Market Launch

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Brief Description

Description :

Oneer is useful for the continuous treatment of water. It is an innovative technology that eliminates all disease causing pathogens such as virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and cyst to provide safe drinking water to communities as per National and International standards prescribed for potable water (BIS, WHO and EPA).

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