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Materials for Optical Detection of Selenium in Water


Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Physical Sciences

Focus Area:

Detection of Selenium in Water

Social Benefits:

The developed materialsand deviceperform selenium detection within the WHO/USEPA/BIS limit and can be used in the field without specialized expertise. This will enable primary screening of water resources for high levels of selenium to avoid negative health impacts on living beings. Further, the developed method can also be extended for soil as well as biological samples analysis with little modification.

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO), Chandigarh

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Technology Demonstration

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Brief Description

Description :

Selenium detection within WHO/USEPA/BIS limit . Colorimetric Reagent Kits based on Modified Iodometry . Wide detection range of 0.01 -1 ppm . Negligible interference against other common ions. Low Water Sample Requirement . The developed materials and method enables onsite detection of Selenium in Ground Water . The real-time color change can be related to selenium concentration. The device and method can be further extended to biological samples as well as soil samples with small modifications in sample processing. The colorimetric method can be further integrated with a mobile app for digital real-time analysis and cloud data storage.

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