Major Achievements

Training and Development in the North East Region (NER)

  • Twinning Programme: The goal of this programme is to strengthen R&D activity in the North East through joint collaborations. Financial assistance is provided to competitive R&D projects from scientists in the North Eastern States in collaboration with scientists from national institutions from other parts of the country. The programme has supported nearly 400 R&D projects, leading to more than 200 papers published in peer reviewed journals, and more than 450 young scientists from the North East trained in advanced biotechnology. Every year approximately 80 projects under this flagship programme are being supported.

  • Setting up of "DBT-NER Centre for Advanced Animal Diagnostics and Services on Animal Health and Diseases (ADSAHD)" involving stake holders from all NER States and linking them to laboratories in Bhopal, Bengaluru and Hissar.

  •  Establishment of Unit of Excellence in Biotechnology (U-Excel) with a view to recognize promising mid-career scientists in the NER, this has been initiated to enable them to pursue innovative research in frontier areas of biotechnology. So far, 12 units of excellence have been established during the year 2015-2016.

  • Overseas Associateship for NER Scientists: This scheme aims to promote capacity building in cutting-edge areas of biotechnology and life sciences. As of now more than 110 scientists have availed this associateship.

  • A Centre of the Institute for Bioresources and Sustainable Development will be opened and fifty small-scale Biotech labs will be established in Arunachal Pradesh.