Women Friendly Tools

Technology 1: Bamboo ladder for apple harvesting

Technology 2: Bhindi Plucker

Technology 3: Cardomom Harvesting Knife

Technology 4: Coconut Climber

Technology 5: Coconut Dehusker

Technology 6: Cono Weeder

Technology 7: Cotton Picking Apron

Technology 8: Cotton Picking Machine Battery Operated

Technology 9: Cotton Stalk Puller Jaw Type

Technology 10: Finger Guard

Technology 11: Fruit Harvester

Technology 12: Groundnut Decorticator Sitting Type

Technology 13: Groundnut Decorticator Standing Type

Technology 14: Groundnut Stipper

Technology 15: Hand Operated Maize Dehuskr cum Sheller

Technology 16: Hand Operated Chaff Cutter

Technology 17: Handridger

Technology 18: Head Load Manager

Technology 19: Improved Sickle

Technology 20: Mandwa Weeder

Technology 21: Manual Dublescreen

Technology 22: Naveen Diblar

Technology 23: NSWF

Technology 24: Padal Operated Paddy

Technology 25: Paddy Winnower

Technology 26: Potato Peeler

Technology 27: Potato Slicer

Technology 28: Rotary Arecanut

Technology 29: Rotary Dibbler

Technology 30: Seed Drill

Technology 31: Seed Treatment Drum

Technology 32: Sugarcane Stripper

Technology 33: Tea Leaves Plucking Kit

Technology 34: Three Row Transplanter

Technology 35: Tubular Maize Sheller

Technology 36: Twin Wheel Hoe

Technology 37: Vegetable Cutter

Technology 38: Wheel Barrow

Women-friendly Improved Farm Tools and Equipment (English)

Women friendly Improved Farm Tools and Equipment (Hindi)