Technology Business Incubators

TBI’s are needed for initiating technology led and knowledge driven enterprises. They also helps in improving the survival rate of such enterprises substantially (from 30 per cent to over 70 per cent). TBIs also facilitate speedy commercialisation of research outputs. The TBIs usually provide following types of services: -

  • Market survey/ marketing assistance
  • Business planning and training
  • Organising management/ technical assistance
  • Assistance in obtaining statutory approvals
  • Information dissemination on product ideas/technologies
  • Syndicating finances
  • Arranging legal and IPR services
  • Using facilities of the Host Institute (HI) at nominal charges
  • Work space for a limited period
  • Common facilities of TBI such as communication, conference, computers

Thus, the TBIs besides providing a host of services to new enterprises (and also to existing SMEs in the region) also facilitate an atmosphere congenial for their survival and growth. The essential feature of a TBI is that the tenant companies leave the incubator space within 2-3 years.

List of all Technology Business Incubators (TBIs) supported by NSTEDB, DST