India witnesses Partial Solar Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse will be visible over the North Indian Ocean, along with several other regions globally on 25th October 2022. Except for the few states of the northeastern region, most of the states in India will be able to witness the partial solar eclipse. The ending of the eclipse will not be visible from India as it will be in progress after the sunset. Solar eclipse, this time, will last for 1 hour 45 minutes in India and will be visible for more than an hour in north-western parts of the country, where the obscuration of the sun by the moon will be 40-50 percent at the time of maximum eclipse.

A very famous quote states that Nature loves Change. Much celestial change tends to come in cycles. One of the most interesting cycles is that of eclipse. Solar Eclipses occur when the moon comes between the sun and the earth and blocks the light of the sun, casting a shadow onto the earth. At that time, all three fall in one line. When the lunar disc partially obscures the solar disc, there is a partial solar eclipse. From the Earth’s perspective, an eclipse season is when the sun is close enough to a lunar node to allow an eclipse to take place. If the sun is close to a node at full moon, we see a lunar eclipse. If the sun is close to a node at new moon, we see a solar eclipse. A minimum of two eclipses (one solar and one lunar, in either order) happens in one eclipse season. A maximum of three eclipses is possible (either lunar/solar/lunar, or solar/lunar/solar).

Viewing the eclipsed Sun with the naked eye is not advised at all. It may damage the eyes permanently and result in blindness. One may use special eye protection or indirect viewing methods to watch the solar eclipse. Indirect projection is one of the safest ways of watching the solar eclipse, while a telescope, pinhole camera, or camera display can also be used to watch the eclipse. The safest way to view the solar eclipse is by using the right filter, such as aluminized Mylar, or by projecting the image of the Sun using a telescope onto a white board.

The next solar eclipse that will be visible from India is expected to occur on 2nd August 2027. It will be a total solar eclipse. From all parts of the country it will be seen as partial solar eclipse.

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