Process for the preparation of carbamates

The present invention provides an improved process for the preparation of carbamates with high selectivity of pharmaceutical interest by an eco-friendly, non-toxic, phosgene-/isocyanate-/CO-free clean route through a reaction of amine, organic halide compound and carbon dioxide in the presence of a solid, reusable catalyst at moderate conditions and does not require additional cocatalyst/promoter as well as solvent.

Patent Assignee: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

Patent No: US7405319 [USA]

Application No: 11/437,859

Inventor(s): Srinivas, Darbha; Srivastava, Rajendra; Ratnasamy, Paul

Issue Date: 29-07-2008

Filing Date: 22-05-2006

Licensing Option: Laboratory willing to jointly develop technology with industrial partner.

Implementing institute: CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory [CSIR-NCL]

Funding agency: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

IPC Classification: C07C 269/00, C07C 259/00

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