A novel composition useful for making radiation shield material

The present invention provides a novel composition useful as radiation shielding material. The composition comprises of powdered ceramic composition, polymer and additives, wherein the ceramic composition is obtained from industrial wastes such as red mud, fly ash, rice hulls silica etc. The polymers used are thermoplastic or thermoset materials. The present invention also provides the process of production of the novel composition comprising the steps of mixing the ceramics, polymers and additives at a temperature range of 20 deg C -280 deg C for a period of 5-180 minutes under shear action and molding to desired shape using conventional molding techniques.

Patent Assignee: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

Patent No: IN259564 [India]

Application No: 777/DEL/2006

Inventor(s): Narayan Rao Ramakrishnan , Syed Azhar Rasheed Hashmi , Sudhir Sitaram Amritphale

Issue Date: 18-03-2014

Filing Date: 22-03-2006

Licensing Option: Laboratory scale know-how is available.

IPC Classification: B22D27/00

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