Insecticidal Compounds from Nothapodites Foetida and Process for the Extraction thereof

The present invention relates to an insecticidal enriched extract (biopesticide) isolated from the stem of Nothapodites foetida (Wight) Sleumer (formerly Mappiafoetida (Miers) useful for the insect free storage and transport of grains and seed. The insecticidal activity of the enriched extract (biopesticide) of the invention is ascribed to compound/s other than camptothecin. The invention further relates to the process for preparation thereof, containing Compounds of general formula 1 and formula 2 (General formula 1) wherein R1=CH 3, CH2OAC and wherein R2= COOH, or (I) and R3=H. OH. (Formula 2)

Patent Assignee:

Patent No: IN329152 [India]

Application No: 3072/DEL/2010

Inventor(s): Swati Pramod Joshi; John Pereira; Phool Kumar Patanjali; Sunita Sharad Kunte; Kiran Babasaheb Sonawane; Suresh Gurappa Mummigatti; Sumithra Devi Sanna; Krishnaiah Eraiah Hullukere; Seema Chaudhary

Issue Date: 17-01-2020

Filing Date: 22-06-2011

Implementing institute: National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, Maharashtra

Funding agency: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India

IPC Classification: "A01N, A01N43/90, A01N65/08, C07D471/14, A01P7/00, C07C69/616, C07H1/08 "

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