Composition for advanced hybrid geopolymeric functional materials and a process for the preparation thereof

The present invention provides a composition for advanced hybrid geopolymeric functional materials possessing very broad application spectrum ranging from cementitious materials to advanced functional materials having "Inorganic-Organic Hybrid" matrix in contrast to the limited application of conventional geopolymeric materials having "Inorganic matrix" only. The invention further relates to a process for the preparation of these materials. The process obviates the need of external addition of sodium silicate which is one of the costliest and main raw materials in conventional geopolymerisation processes. Interestingly, in the present invention the sodium silicate has been synthesized in situ by designing of conditions for synergistic and simultaneous mechano-chemical reactions among the selected raw materials viz. inorganic and organic wastes under alkaline environment. This results in the formation of "Hybrid inorganic-organic frame work" of sodium silicate, which facilitates uniform dispersion of reacting species, thus resulting in the formation of homogeneous geopolymeric matrix with improved characteristics.

Filing Date: 24-07-2013

Issue Date: 09-01-2015

Patent No: US9120701 [USA]

Application No: 13/949,585

Inventor(s): Amritphale, Sudhir Sitaram , Mishra, Deepti , Chouhan, Ramesh Kumar , Mudgal, Manish , Khan, Mohammed Akram , Lahiri, Swati , Chandra, Navin , Mishra, Barada Kanta

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IPC Classification: C04B24/00, C04B22/00, C04B22/06, C04B28/00

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