Calcium silicate hydrate anion exchange membrane useful for water electrolysis and fuel cells and a process for the preparation thereof

The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of Calcium Silicate Hydrate anion exchange membrane (cement paste) with an ionic conductivity of the order of 10−3 S/cm. The membrane can be formulated by mixing Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and water with the cement to water ratio of 1:0.45. After initial setting time, the membrane undergoes curing in 7% calcium chloride solution and the Cl− ions in the membrane is converted to OH− form by immersing into saturated Ca(OH)2 solution with pH 14 and it has been washed to remove the excess alkali. This membrane has high mechanical strength (Ultimate Tensile Strength: 6.3 MPa) and does not deteriorate even at high temperature (up to 450 degree C.) and alkaline atmosphere (pH 11.5-14). Also disclosed is a method of producing in-situ formation of membrane electrode assembly. This invention encompasses a process for producing and using the membrane in water electrolysis and fuel cell.

Patent Assignee:

Patent No: US10260155 [USA]

Application No: 15418966

Inventor(s): Swaminathan Jayashree; Ravichandran Subbiah; Davidson Donald Jonas; Sozhan Ganapathy; Vasudevan Subramanyan; Vengatesan Singaram; Muralidharan Srinivasan

Issue Date: 16-04-2019

Filing Date: 30-01-2017

Implementing institute: Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CSIR-CECRI), Sekkalakottai, Tamil Nadu

Funding agency: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India

IPC Classification: H01M 8/083, B01J 41/02, B01J 41/10, C04B 28/04, C04B 28/18, C04B 4 /00, C04B 111/00, C25B 1/10, C25B 13/04, H01M 8/1016

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