Active foamed magnetic ceramic/metal composite substrate from redmud and process for the preparation thereof

The method of the present invention utilizes red mud an industrial wastes as resources materials which inherently contains the phases of oxides of iron, titanium which on reduction by low density oil get converted to the carbides, lower oxide and metal phases of iron and titanium, which helps and are responsible for providing observed activity and high strength to the active foamed ceramic substrate materials prepared by the method of the present invention. The method of the present invention enables through homogenization of industrial waste from aluminum production industry namely red mud with liquid state reducing and foaming agent viz., low-density oil namely furnace oil/waste oil from automobile industry by making use of absorption/adsorption mechanism. The uniform and highly homogenous mixing of ores with liquid reducing and foaming agent viz., low density oil enables the reaction to take place at a considerably lower temperature in the range of 1000- 1300 ?C in a duration of 1 to 2 hours and thus saving considerable energy.

Patent Assignee: Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)

Patent No: IN256252 [India]

Application No: 738/DEL/2006

Inventor(s): Anshul Avneesh , Amritphale Sudhir Sitaram , Chandra Navin , Ramakrishnan Narayanrao

Issue Date: 22-05-2013

Filing Date: 22-03-2006

Licensing Option: Laboratory scale know-how is available.

IPC Classification: C04B35/100

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