Industrial Innovations

Water Filter Candles

Raw water contains suspended impurities and bacteria, which are responsible for water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, jaundice, etc. Theses impurities and bacteria have to be removed to make the water safe for drinking. One of the well known method is to filter water through beds of send, gravel and charcoal to remove suspended impurities followed by boiling to kill the bacteria. This process, though efficient, is costly and time consuming. To simplify the treatment of water a “Water Filter Candle” (a cylindrical ceramic bowl) has been developed by CGCRI, Calcutta and RRL, Jorhat which filter water instantaneously, being easy to use, it is became popular by the common people and has became an essential household item both for urban and rural people. The Corporation has licensed a large number of parties in the country who is catering the need of common people.

Area: Medical Sciences

Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India

Implementing institute: National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Govt. of India

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