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Solar Stove™ - 24x7 Indoor Cooktop for Every Household (Gas Substitute)

Solar Stove™ is solar based indoor cooktop. The revolutionary compact thermal storage-based solution satisfies all cooking energy needs with superior experience & performance that makes it superior substitute to conventional cooking system. The Solar Stove™ stores solar energy in very convenient thermal storage to meet all cooking energy needs to work indoor, cook all dishes for 24x365; form factor that provides convenience & conventional cooking experience with modern functions suitable for all lifestyles.

Area: Energy Sciences

Innovator: Mr. Dhaval Thakkar, Founder & CEO, UNesar Private Limited,

Funding agency: Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt of India

Benefits: Solar Stove™ provides superior indoor cooking experience with zero fuel cost. This innovation is first & only solar cooking solution for households that can cook most Indian dishes for 3 meals a day. There is no fire hazard as there is no fame. The stove is environment friendly and there is no need for any other backup system (like electrical charging option). The stove is suitable for all lifestyles with Aspirational Portable & Indoor Cooking.

Implementing institute: UNesar Private Limited, Baroda, Gujarat

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