Industrial Innovations

Rice Husk Particle Board

Rice growing nations all over the world face monumental problems in disposal of rice husk waste, which is a serious environmental hazard, if it is burnt. The technology for manufacture of Rice Husk Particle Board, developed at the Indian Plywood Industries Resarch Institute, Bangalore, has emerged as one of the best solutions to this problem as it helps to maintain the ecobalance and preserves the eco-system. Patents have been filed in India and many other rice growing countries. This board has emerged as a versatile substitute for wood in a wide range of applications. Moreover, these boards can also be made decorative. The process has been licensed to several firms in India and a turnkey plant has been set up in Malaysia. The firm has also produced floor tile (out of rice husk), fire resistant doors, etc. having granite like finish. What is more, the licensee of the technology has helped to build up a large number of low cost houses after the Gujarat earthquake

Area: Agricultural Sciences

Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India

Implementing institute: National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Govt. of India

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