Industrial Innovations

Grey Water Treatment & Recycling

The innovative technology is automated, compact, energy efficient waste water treatment plant with batch mode of operation giving consistent treated water quality output. The size is customizable varying from 1000 L per day to 500000 L per day capacity. Based on chemical treatment process with modifiable pre and post treatments.

Area: Energy Sciences

Innovator: Dr. Sonali Mokashi, Co-founder & Director, Cerulean Enviro Tech Pvt Ltd.,

Funding agency: Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt of India

Benefits: Multiple recycling (6 -7 times) of same water, compact size - 60% less space required than competitor, automated liquid chemical dosing, no dedicated operator needed, consistent treated water quality, 66% saving on fresh water purchase.

Implementing institute: Cerulean Enviro Tech Pvt Ltd, Pune

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