Industrial Innovations

Diesel Generator Emission Control Device

The innovative device Chakr Shield captures upto 90% of particulate matter emissions from diesel generators without any adverse impact on the generator’s performance. Moreover, captured carbon is not dumped or burnt-off – it is processed, and reused in environmentally benign way.

Area: Energy Sciences

Innovator: Ms. Bharti Singhla, Head of strategy, Chakr Innovation Private Limited,

Funding agency: Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt of India

Benefits: Chakr shield is able to capture particulate carbon itself without significant backpressure, from the vehicular pollution. As carbon is a useful resource, we process the captured particulate matter and use it to create ink pigment. This pigment is non-toxic and is of same quality as the ink used in industries.

Implementing institute: Chakr Innovation Private Limited, Delhi

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