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Alkane Polyol Alkanoates Pesticides

The Alkane Polyol Alkanoates are found to have less toxic as compared to other pesticides and preparation of these Alkanoates has been developed as technical and formulations. In formulations, these products are present either with an inert carrier, diluent, or surfactant, other additives to obtain a granular product or EC wherein the active ingredient may be present in an amount ranging from 1 to 25% by weight either as such or in compositions comprising the title compounds as an active ingredient together with inert carrier/diluent and additives such as surfactants, synergists and/or other ingredients including another pesticidal material e.g. an insecticide, fungicide, nematicide or synergist. -Raw material required for the preparation of alkane polyol alkanoates is readily available; -The product(s) are cost effective, safe and ecologically sound; -The process can be demonstrated at bench scale; -The compounds are effective as both fungicide and nematicide.

Area: Chemical Sciences

Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India

Implementing institute: National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Govt. of India

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