Atal Incubation Centres (AIC)

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) intends to support the establishment of new incubation centres called Atal Incubation Centres (AICs) that would nurture innovative start-up businesses in their pursuit to become scalable and sustainable enterprises. The AICs would create world class incubation facilities across various parts of India with suitable physical infrastructure in terms of capital equipment and operating facilities, coupled with the availability of sectoral experts for mentoring the start-ups, business planning support, access to seed capital, industry partners, trainings and other relevant components required for encouraging innovative start-ups. Moreover, AICs would be established in subject specific areas, such as manufacturing, transport, energy, health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation, etc.

Eligibility: Entities, such as higher educational institutions, R&D institutes, corporate sectors, alternative investment funds registered with SEBI, business accelerators, group of individuals, and individuals are eligible to apply. The applicant would have to provide at least 10,000 sq. ft. of ready-to-use, built-up space, for the exclusive use of the AIC.

Financial Support: Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) will provide a grant-in-aid of upto Rs. 10 crore for a maximum period of 5 years to cover the capital and operational expenditures to establish the AIC.

Area: All Science Disciplines

Funding Agency: NITI Aayog