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Innovative Machine For Making Cow Dung Logs/Uplas For Ecofriendly Cremation


Making uplas/logs by hands using cow dung is a traditional activity followed in rural India. These uplas are used as fuel and manure. Indian people mostly prefer traditional product for cremation e.g. wooden logs and dried cow dung logs. Also, cremation using cow dung logs costs less as compared to fire wood or electricity or LPG gas. This lead to more demand of cow dung uplas/logs day by day, combined with the reluctance on part of the today?s educated generation to get their hands dirty, which led Shri Arjunbhaifrom Gujarat to develop a machine that makes long cow-dung logs and uplas with minimum human intervention.

Innovator: Arjunbhai Patel

Area: Engineering Sciences

State: Gujarat

Funding agency: Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India

National Mission: Skill India, Swachh Bharat

Implementing institute: Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network (GIAN), India


The device helps in managing cow dung in Gaushala and dairy farm by making value-added products and increases the income. Dual application - by changing die, the machine can be used for making upla or logs as per the requirement. The machine is capable of making three logs (3 x 3.25 x 36-inch size) at a time. The machine can produce about 100-120 logs in an hour. A narrow cylindrical opening has been provided across the length in the centre of the log to facilitate easy drying and efficient combustion. By changing the die, one can also make five rectangular upla (1.24x4x9 inch size) at a time. Slurry from biogas can also be used for making logs by mixing it with straw or any other harvested crop residue. Better utilization of agro waste and ecofriendly application, save the forest cover.

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