International Organisations

International Labour Organization (ILO)

The International Labour Organization (ILO) serves the needs of working women and men by bringing together governments, employers, and workers to set labour standards, develop policies, and devise programmes. The structure itself of the ILO, where workers and employers together have an equal voice with governments in its deliberations, shows social dialogue in action. Also, it ensures that the views of the social partners are closely reflected in ILO labour standards, policies and programmes. ILO in India: ILO carries out research on conditions of employment and labour all over the world and brings out the World Employment and Social Outlook. The organization is the lead UN-agency on HIV workplace policies and programmes and private sector mobilization. The ILO recognizes that HIV has a potentially devastating impact on labour and productivity and represents an enormous burden for working people, their families and communities. ILOAIDS is the branch of the ILO dedicated to this issue.

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